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Find out more about the realization of suspended parks in Italy and abroad: the building of a theme park is a complex operation which entails an accurate feasibility plan, a study regarding the target market and the appointment of an ideal location in order to tailor a top-level offer. The main strength of Top Adventure Park is thinking about all this!

Our company will follow you in this step-by-step process, from the identification of a suitable area to a preliminary study, meetings with local institutions as well as a marketing and business plan. All this is aimed at one single purpose: make your own park an immediately profitable investment .

With more than 40 opened parks, our company is lucky enough to manage the biggest Adventure Park across Italy which boasts 60.000 accesses over the year. This is a clear demonstration of how a well-run logistics, marketing and a high-quality level of hospitality can provide extrardinary economic and prestigious results.

Rely on us for:

Feasibility Plan: Location, constraints, target market, route usability are all elements which help us in setting up of your investment as best as we can by also reducing energies and costs.

Preliminary Report: Beginning from scratches is not easy, however thanks to our accurate preliminary report you will be able to synthesizeconcretely the scope of your project. We are willing to follow you step by step through one of our legal experts.

Business Plan: Any loan granted by a Bank or another body starts from a serious, scientific and sustainable Business Plan done with the maximum level of expertise. We can also provide you with this tool: attention to details further reinforces our ability to make your business succeed.

Preliminary and executive project: Once we have chosen location and fund provision, we will start dealing with the realization of a preliminary and executive customized project. Shortly, once authorizations have been granted, our experts will get to work on its fulfillment in full compliance with the UNI legislation.

Integrated Marketing plan/ Marketing platform: Investing is vital to make money. It is pointless to invest huge amounts of money if then such park is not properly advertised to an heterogeneous target market. An integrated marketing plan is the best way to start the activity properly and make it immediately profitable.

Staff training: Being able to entertain people is a form of art. One should be simply law-abiding, a skill set is necessary as well as the ability to work with people. We teach all this with training courses for your personnel to make it efficient, reliable and suitable to your business.

Logistic and graphic dressing: Once the construction of the adventure park and its accessory services are completed, we will give you all indications to make it beautiful and usable by your clientele. Details are important, we will help you to grasp them making your own structure a special place.

Start-up phase: The patent test and withdrawal will finally make your theme park fully operative. We will be available 24 hours a day to guide and follow you so that you won’t commit mistakes and you will also be able to minimize your efforts. You will be provided with a step-by-step assistance towards your objectives.

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